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Premium Class Internet

Connecting Your Business to the World

Our broadband connections are designed for businesses, institutions, and local government entities. Regardless of the nature of your cooperation, at Geckonet, everyone can freely choose the speed of their business connection and upgrade their plan’s speed in the future.

Whether your company operates within a large city or is located in rural areas, we can provide you with internet access with customizable parameters. Share your expectations with us, and our dedicated business advisor will contact you soon.

We give you the best

Speed and performance

Are you frequently sending large files to clients? Enabling remote work? Or conducting video conferences regularly? Your business needs fast internet, which is why we have developed business-class solutions based on high-speed fiber optic and dedicated radio link connections.

High reliability

Internet should just work, without any reservations! You can rely on our network, which provides the reliability required in business. Our newly built fiber optic network, combined with careful planning and monitoring, guarantees the continuous operation of your business.


Our business connections are available in a wide range of configurations. You can start with an asymmetric connection and a small package, and as your company grows, transition to a symmetric internet with additional protection and guaranteed response time for inquiries.

Dedicated support

As our customer, you can always speak to one of our dedicated business advisors for personalized support. You can be confident that if you encounter any issues along the way, our highly-rated technical support will help you quickly get back to work.

Call our advisor

Our dedicated business advisor, Karolina Krysiak, is waiting for your contact.

Our Internet for businesses offers:

  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical access

  • Internet in fiber optic, radio, or LTE technology

  • Redundancy and backup connections

  • CIR (Committed Information Rate) of 100%

  • SLA tailored to the customer's requirements

  • IP addressing that meets individual needs