200+ operating
wireless transmitters
250+ kilometers
of active fiber optic lines
24/7 continuous monitoring
of network operation
1200 recipients
of business services

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Where do we provide Internet services?

Currently, we provide Internet services in the following counties and municipalities:
Grudziądz County and Grudziądz: Łasin municipality, Radzyń Chełmiński municipality, Gruta municipality, Rogóźno municipality, Świecie nad Osą municipality, Grudziądz municipality, as well as the cities of Łasin and Radzyń Chełmiński.
Kwidzyn County: Kwidzyn municipality, Prabuty municipality, Gardeja municipality, Ryjewo municipality, Sadlinki municipality, as well as the cities of Kwidzyn and Prabuty.
Starogard County: Czarna Woda municipality, Skarszewy municipality, Bobowo municipality, Kaliska municipality, Lubichowo municipality, Osieczna municipality, Osiek municipality, Skórcz municipality, Smętowo Graniczne municipality, Starogard Gdański municipality, Zblewo municipality, as well as the cities of Czarna Woda, Skórcz, Starogard Gdański, and Skarszewy.
Świecie County: Nowe municipality, Świecie municipality, Bukowiec municipality, Dragacz municipality, Drzycim municipality, Jeżewo municipality, Lniano municipality, Osie municipality, Pruszcz municipality, Świekatowo municipality, Warlubie municipality, as well as the cities of Nowe and Świecie.
Tczew County: Gniew municipality, Pelplin municipality, Morzeszczyn municipality, Subkowy municipality, Tczew municipality, as well as the cities of Tczew, Gniew, and Pelplin.