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VoIP: modern landline telephone

VoIP: modern landline telephone

Give your business a competitive edge with VoIP telephony
VoIP with mobile calling

VoIP with mobile calling

Receive calls on your mobile phone wherever you are.

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Features and benefits of VoIP

Cost-effectiveness and high quality

Compared to traditional phones, VoIP provides lower costs for landline calls and a small implementation cost. Internet telephony is a complete alternative to traditional landline phones, offering the highest sound quality.

Easy scalability

As your business grows, the demand for devices and connections increases. With VoIP, you can easily expand your company's phone network with new devices, without the need to lay new lines.

Additional features

Traditional landline phones only allow for voice calls and faxes. By switching to VoIP, you gain a range of advanced features such as detailed call reports, intelligent routing, cloud-based call recording, and much more.


Telephone System Features

Fax and Voicemail to Email

Faxes and voicemail recordings are sent to your email address, allowing you to access them on any device at any time.

Music on Hold

Utilize a library of available music tracks to make the waiting time for callers enjoyable.

Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist handles all incoming calls to your phone number, while the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) directs callers to internal extensions.

Simultaneous Ringing

With Simultaneous Ring feature, your calls can ring on multiple devices simultaneously, enabling quick response to incoming calls.

Call Queuing

Redirect your callers to a call queue in the appropriate department. Your employee will answer the call as soon as they finish their previous conversation.

Call Recording

Record individual calls or set up automatic recording for all calls. It’s an ideal solution for remote contract agreements conducted over the phone.

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  • Forward calls to other landline and mobile phones

  • Record calls to voicemail and retrieve them from anywhere

  • Receive automatic email notifications for missed calls