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How to accurately measure Internet speed?

Thank you for your interest in correctly measuring your internet connection. Take a few minutes to learn how to measure your internet speed with minimal distortions.
In today’s world, many devices are connected to the internet, usually wirelessly. An average family may have several smartphones, a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, a smart TV, a gaming console, and other devices connected to the internet. Each of these devices may be simultaneously downloading or uploading a certain amount of data, which means that conducting an internet speed measurement under such conditions may not accurately reflect the true value.

Factors that can affect the internet connection include:

Additionally, during the internet speed measurement, other household members may be using the internet, causing further variations in speed.

If the speed measurement is performed wirelessly, through a WiFi network, it can be influenced by the type of device you are using, the quality of the installed WiFi card in the device, as well as the distance and obstacles (such as walls or ceilings) between the transmitting and receiving devices.
PC World: You may have an internet connection with a download speed of up to 100 Mbps, but in practice, you may experience speeds around 30 Mbps, and this is not necessarily the fault of the internet service provider.

If your connection is slower than expected, before filing a complaint with your internet service provider, check if the issue lies on your end. It often turns out that the provider delivers a connection speed that is in line with or only slightly deviates from the value stated in the agreement, while the slow internet is caused by a misconfigured router, outdated network software, or issues with the operating system.
If you want to ensure that the internet speed measurement is conducted with minimal distortions, make sure that only one device is using the internet at the time of the measurement. Additionally, it is best to perform the measurement without using a WiFi network.

In the Geckonet network, you should conduct the internet speed measurement directly via an Ethernet cable connected from the antenna to the router. During the measurement, disconnect the designated cable from the router and connect it directly to the Ethernet port on your laptop or computer. At this moment, only one device will be connected to the internet, allowing you to proceed to the certified website and conduct the measurement.
Remember: Even when conducting an internet speed measurement from a single device, ensure that no applications on the computer are consuming bandwidth (such as download managers, YouTube, or other internet-dependent applications). In Windows 10, you may also have peer-to-peer updates enabled, which can turn your computer into a server for distributing updates to other computers.